Professional Commercial and Domestic mobile Laundry and Cleaning Service

Domestic Laundry Service


Our Domestic Service

Please be mindful that we are not a 'Coin Laundry'', we are a mobile service only and do all the work for you.

We here at Oceania Laundry understand how stressful a busy working week can be, weather your a professional couple, large family, single parent, elderly or living with a disability, we can help ease your laundry stress! 

Pickup and Delivery Available!

We offer a mobile service so can pickup and deliver for a small fee depending on which suburb you live in. If you would like to drop off and pickup yourself, no worries as we cater for every individual need, what ever suits you!

What We Can Do For You!

We work seven days a week especially during the weekends so if you get to your end of the week and your washing pile has become an over whelming mountain? Then why not have us pick it up (or dropped off by you), on Friday afternoon and we will do it all for you over the weekend and have it delivered (or picked up by you) on Sunday afternoon. Been organised for Monday morning can feel like a drain especially to have school uniforms, sports uniforms and work uniforms ready to go for the brand new coming week. If you don't need a full wash, dry and fold, we also offer:

  • Wash only
  • Dry only
  • Fold only
  • Iron only

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How We Can Help

On Holiday?


We understand that when your on holiday, your on holiday! I wouldn't want to be doing my laundry either. If this is you? then our laundry service will leave you feeling clean and fresh!

Hate Ironing?


Well don't you worry because our dedicated laundry service is here to provide you with a fast and efficient turn around leaving you feeling wrinkly free!

Need Help?


Trying to get laundry done is always an up hill struggle, even for me at times but our laundry service is here to help! Weather you have 1 basket or 20? no jobs too big or too small.